Group Members


Héctor Abruña ·

Senior Scientists

Hongsen Wang

PSB 216

Hongsen focuses on developing differential electrochemical mass spectrometry (DEMS) techniques and in-situ electrochemical FTIR spectroscopy to characterize and evaluate fuel cell and lithium ion battery electrode materials and electrolytes, exploring new electrode materials and improving the efficiency and stability of fuel cells and lithium ion batteries. He is also interested in mechanistic studies of small molecule oxidation and oxygen reduction reactions on Pt based catalysts, which are fuel cell related electrode reactions. Currently he mainly focus on profoundly understanding of CO electrocatalytic oxidation mechanism on Pt binary catalysts in acidic and basic media using in-situ techniques such as DEMS and FTIR , as well as DFT calculation and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his kids.

Post Docs


Seung-Ho Yu

PSB 202

Seung-Ho’s research focuses on mechanistic studies of rechargeable battery electrodes using in situ electron microscopy and X-ray techniques. He is also interested in designing and developing new electrode materials with high power and high capacity at the nanoscale level to be applied to electrochemical devices. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and listening to music.

Mahdi Ahmadi

PSB 284

Mahdi’s research interest focuses on synthesize and characterization of nanocatalysts, and exploring their evolution under reaction condition using operando spectroscopy and microscopy. In his spare time, Mahdi enjoys swimming, biking and running.

Graduate Students


James Pastore

PSB 284

James’ primary area of interest is the use of inorganic conversion materials as electrodes in lithium ion batteries. More specifically, he is studying the conversion mechanisms of these materials in order to better understand their behavior under operating conditions. To observe these mechanisms, a combination of in situ solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and in operando X-ray techniques is utilized. In his free time, James enjoys playing and watching sports like volleyball, basketball, and football.


Johary Rivera-Meléndez

PSB 218

Johary focuses on the characterization of anion-exchange membranes for application in alkaline fuel cells. She enjoys to cook and bake in her spare time.


Dong Ren

PSB 296

Dong’s research mainly focuses on the preparation and characterization of energy storage materials with high specific energy and high power capability for lithium ion batteries. And he is also interested in using advanced electron microscopy techniques for electrochemical energy application. In his free time, Dong likes cooking and playing basketball.


Luxi Shen

PSB 218

Luxi’s research focuses on developing organic/polymeric materials for energy storage applications. In particular, Luxi focuses on synthesizing organic cathode materials via electrochemical means, and then electrochemically characterizing these materials. In her spare time, Luxi enjoys a good long run, good music, and good food.


Yin Xiong

PSB 296

Yin’s research mainly focuses on the synthesis and modification of nanoparticles with different structures, and explores their electrochemical catalytic ability and also the potential application in fuel cell. In the free time, she enjoys cooking and good food.


Na Zhang

PSB 202

Na focuses on developing cathode materials for lithium/sulfur batteries. In particular, Na is interested in preparation and characterization of different sulfur/carbon or lithium sulfide/carbon compounds as cathodes for Li/S batteries.


Xinran Feng

PSB 296

Xinran’s research focuses on using high-energy synchrotron X-ray techniques to study metal oxide electrode materials in Li ion batteries. She applies operando method to analyze the mechanism of these materials while cycling the batteries. In her free time, Xinran loves traveling, cooking and binge watching Netflix.


Jeesoo Seok

PSB 202

Jeesoo’s research interest focuses on Na-ion batteries and redox flow batteries. She studies metal oxides/sulfides and organic materials based on electrochemical analysis and applies them into Na-ion batteries or redox flow batteries. Outside of the lab, she likes cooking and baking.


Yao Yang

PSB 202

Yao’s main focus is on the electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction reaction and hydrogen oxidation reaction (ORR/HOR) in alkaline fuel cells. Yao collaborates with Prof. David Muller’s group (Applied and Engineering Physics) and uses in-situ electrochemical scanning transmission microscopy and electron energy loss spectroscopy (STEM/EELS) to probe the structure-activity relationship of electrocatalysts. In his spare time, he loves learning about different cultures and enjoys playing pingpong and badminton.

Xinyao Lu


Xinyao’s research interest focuses on developing materials for the electrocatalysis in fuel cells. She enjoys dancing and playing the piano in her leisure time.

Undergraduate Students


Rebecca Kubena

PSB 218

Rebecca has worked on synthesizing and characterizing inorganic materials made to increase the charge storage capabilities of capacitors. She now focuses on developing organic/polymeric materials for energy storage applications alongside Luxi. When not working in the lab, Rebecca participates on the Cornell softball team and loves to cook and watch Netflix.

Visiting Researchers

Takeshi Hagiwara

PSB 296

Takeshi’s research interest is to explore the relationship between crystal structure and physical properties, and he is studying the correlation between the activation energy of the ionic conductor and small structural disorders in crystal lattice.  On holiday, he enjoys playing with his children.